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UMWA Member Dues and Fees
Below is a listing of the Membership and Meeting dues available for UMWA members.
Note that all UMWA Annual memberships begin on January 1st and end the following December 31st. The deadline for late payment of Annual dues is April 1st.
HomeAbout UsNews and EventsPublicationsLinksPay Dues Online

If you would rather pay your membership dues via regular mail, click the link below to download and print a membership dues form in PDF format.

Not sure if you've paid? Contact Russ Eichman by clicking the link below. Ask him in your email if you have paid. He will let you know.


Annual Membership Dues




Individuals (1-2 people)






Mini Company (3-5 people)






Small Company (6-50 people)






Medium Company (51-100 people)






Large Company (101+ people)





Meeting Dues




Executive Committee Meeting






Annual Meeting







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